You Need to Know

Our page is currently under construction and we will get more weddings posted asap.

Hello Gorgeous! We are so happy for you and CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement!

We LOVE shooting weddings and cannot wait to meet you! As you look through our galleries, keep in mind, for faster viewing we only use web-sized images. This may result in a pixelated portraits, mainly on large groups..If you would like to see our images in a full size  album, we invite you to stop by.

We pride ourselves on having a “meshed” wedding genre, meaning we shoot a bit of everything using different styling techniques.  We love it all, traditional to photo-journalistic and retro and we can’t wait to make your day’s collection burst forth with color and fashion.

Using the latest technology, equipment and software, Digital Galleria knows how to beautify any location and/or situation.  Choose a Digital Galleria professional for YOUR special day!

Want to know more? Give us a call or contact us for a free wedding consultation.

Happy Wedding Planning